Realistic learning about wild animals living in Africa is joyful with wild Africa AR!
Worried about the quality of your kids’ screen time? Rest easy with wild Africa AR!
Wild Africa AR is an edutainment application tailored for kids on getting to know the world in a 3-dimension augmented way – all to be realistic and vivid.

-Parental guidance and supervision are advised. It’s important for parents to have quality time with the kids.
-Use only in a safe environment. It’s augmented reality, so please always be aware of your surroundings when interacting with the app.

Features of the app,
There’re 6 wild animals from Africa. They’re all realistic 3D model with interactive sounds which allow you and your kids to turn your home into a safe, amazing safari land. Try observe and interact with the elephant, zebra, crocodile, hippopotamus, rhinoceros and fox.

Now your children will learn and memorize about animals during their leisure time.

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